Milling department

  • Vertical working center FAMUP MOD.MCX 1200-24 UT with “SELCA 4045” digital control. USEFUL STROKES X=1200; Y=600; Z=640 dimensions slowly of job MM 1300X620
  • Universal milling machine “OMV MOD.BFC1550” with “SELCA 3045″control. USEFUL STROKES X=1550 MM, Y=600MM, Z=450MM. Head with two spindles: horizontal and vertical with automatic head orientation +/- 90° employed as fourth positioning axis. FAMU table revolving in continuous mode, horizontally and vertically, driven by a fifth axis.
  • Vertical working center “FAMUP MOD.MCX600-24UT” with “FANUC21i” digital control. USEFUL STROKES: X=600; Y=400; Z=400
  • Vertical working center KMV10EL KENT. USEFUL STROKES: X=1020; Y=530; Z=510.
  • Milling Drill ELI ZX 9550 Z4. X=800; Y=270; Z=400
  • Famup MCX 600/24 SELCA 3045 PLUS. X=600; Y=400; Z=400
  • Milling machine COBO MOD. OMZ. X=1000; Y=550; Z=500.








Turning department

  • Parallel turning machine “COMEV” with CNC Z32 digital control and PICO AUTO-MEMORY self-learning system. Height of drills from bench 260MM. Distance of drills 1500MM. Diameter permitted on bench 600MM. Diameter permitted on skid 380MM.
  • Two-axis CNC turning machine “DAEWOO MOD.LYNX210LC” with CNC FANUC 21i-TA.
  • Working center BIGLIA Mod. 650.







Welding department

  • Welder Mod. Inverter TIG TEL WIN MOD. 322AC-DC NF/LIFT
  • Wire welder “C.E.A.”470 A







Cutting department

  • Semiautomatic tape saw, cutting range 0/310.
  • Setting gauge “BACRI” 300








Quality control department

  • Measuring machine MITUTOYO Mod. CRYSTA-PLUS M574.







  • Spark Erosion machine Mod. AEG-ELOTHERM.